Here I go again…with another one of my things that I want to really do (but I just don’t know if it will actually last).

I find myself doing these impulsive kind of decisions a lot (for example…youtube videos, learning all sorts of new things). A lot of these decisions don’t really last for me (save one: crocheting) and then I feel really bad for abandoning these decisions.

So, lets see how this decision of mine goes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this site to just get what-ever the heck I’m feeling out in words. When swirling thoughts in my head become way to much, it overwhelms me mentally. Sooo….you can expect to see a whole lot of random thoughts, rambling posts, (sort of?) run on sentences and to be continued dots.

Speaking of random thoughts…


It rained and I don’t even know if it’s cold out or not


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