Here I go again…with another one of my things that I want to really do (but I just don’t know if it will actually last).

I find myself doing these impulsive kind of decisions a lot (for example…youtube videos, learning all sorts of new things). A lot of these decisions don’t really last for me (save one: crocheting) and then I feel really bad for abandoning these decisions.

So, lets see how this decision of mine goes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use this site to just get what-ever the heck I’m feeling out in words. When swirling thoughts in my head become way to much, it overwhelms me mentally. Sooo….you can expect to see a whole lot of random thoughts, rambling posts, (sort of?) run on sentences and to be continued dots.

Speaking of random thoughts…


It rained and I don’t even know if it’s cold out or not


Author: Firefly

Someone who has been trying to sort out her emotions for too long who also loves Cape Cod in the summer, Star Wars, randomness, Mother Mary, Atton Rand, international foods, London...........

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