Pre-college graduation scares

How I will feel come May…

Sooo…..since I’ll be starting my last semester of college come January, more and more of those “once you graduate……” and “welcome to real life” talks have been figuratively shoved down my neck by my parents…I literally just got one at 11pm…

They’ve been telling me the same things over and over again, like “Use the carreerr center!!!” “Start looking for a job right now (nownownownownownow[xinfinity])” since the start of last year honestly, and I’ve honestly just been paying half-attention to their pleas only because I knew then that the time was still far away. Now that’s it’s practically breathing down my neck, I feel the sudden urge just to not do anything, but I know now that this plan of attack will end with my whole family disowning me and my apparent ‘fat and lazy ass’.

So now, over my winter break, will be the time for me to gulp multiple times, grow man-balls and just suck up and muster through the fact that I need to become a 89% responsible adult….that is, if I have this ‘persistence’ trait somewhere in the my DNA.

…they’re all coming right now…

As I ramble on and get thoughts (on thoughts on thoughts) out, something else comes to mind. Someone in my seemingly incredible memory bank comes the statement of “wanting instant gratification”when my(?) generation sets out on a task. I’ll probably realize over the next three weeks I get to spend at my home house that this “wanting instant gratification” thing is the very thing that has gotten me where I am today…

Okay, so before a maelstrom goes off, yes, I don’t have a “rags” type of a story…and yes, I now know that with this comes the fact that children will feel like they are “entitled” to things that are more than likely taken for granted by others. But since I feel like I know this, I need to get off of this train of thought early enough so that I don’t become a basic bitch and feel entitled to expensive stuff and Starbucks (and FYI, I just very much hate the “basic bitch” and everything about this sub-group of humans…)

no, seriously…..haaaaaaaaalp…..

So…to all of the people that will read this…..can you help a sista out? How do you stay motivated on a goal for a lengthy period of time? How would you motivate a person with a -10,000 motivation level? How did you deal with all of the stresses of newly post-graduate life? (And I’m not even going to start with student loans yet) How did you deal with persistently nagging parents on this issue?


Author: Firefly

Someone who has been trying to sort out her emotions for too long who also loves Cape Cod in the summer, Star Wars, randomness, Mother Mary, Atton Rand, international foods, London...........

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