My mind felt like a prison today…

…or at least it felt like that starting around 1:30 or so today.

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re just messing up even the simplest of stuff? Like…you know what to do, but you just mess up every single thing that you do whether you know it or not?

Well, that happened to me today. And for some reason, every time I knew that I messed up something, I pent up those feelings and then felt like bawling my eyes out.
And even better, when I did bring this up to others (which I probably should not have done), I couldn’t find any words to explain how I was feeling that afternoon. Yay me! (not)

I hate these types of days where I just unknowingly keep doing stuff and keep doing even more stuff and not finding any words what-so-ever to explain the feeling to make me get to a point where I’m just about to crack.

But to atone for everything, I ate comfort food for dinner…and tomorrow is a brand new day. I just need to keep telling myself that whenever I have one of these so called days that I’ve had today.

Maybe I just need to channel some Dory whenever I feel like this

in honor of the Patriots winning the Super-Bowl and then having their parade today. :D
in honor of the Patriots winning the Super-Bowl and then having their parade today. 😀

Anywho, rant over…enjoy this random picture and one more update from me. Internship=crazy days and lazy nights with lots of work. xP


Author: Firefly

Someone who has been trying to sort out her emotions for too long who also loves Cape Cod in the summer, Star Wars, randomness, Mother Mary, Atton Rand, international foods, London...........

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