So…here is what has happened today…

…since today was a day off for me.

I slept in until ten. It felt awfully good doing that.
I took a shower. Even though it was a bit chilly, it felt awfully good doing that.
Then I attempted cutting my bangs. That didn’t go over so well…but at least I can grow them out so that I can get them cut correctly later.

Then I did some work…and after that, I went to Kroger. And boy oh boy……everybody and their families and distant relatives seemed to be there. That was because it started snowing by then and with 8-12 inches of snow expected before tomorrow……


Then after that fiasco, the day just…went……

and thus, that was my day today.


tomorrow I have to go in (because the place I’m at is open 24/7/365…yay!)

Wish me luck braving everything…I’m even giving my luck for braving everything.


Author: Firefly

Someone who has been trying to sort out her emotions for too long who also loves Cape Cod in the summer, Star Wars, randomness, Mother Mary, Atton Rand, international foods, London...........

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