Getting stuff off and away from my chest

Soo….I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands lately.

I been able to do reading for getting adult life back on track, I’ve pretty much completed a 1,000 piece puzzle, I’m focusing on a clean-eating 2 week program again (yippee!) and I’ve been going to the gym 5-6 days a week. Sounds good, right?

Well…I’m not even sure if I like having all of this free time now.

In the past, I loved having free time…all to myself…doing what I want to do. But now, I feel guilty for having all of this free time. Am I to blame for this? Probably…but I’ve been praying for things to change really soon and I’ve been feeling really encouraged going out and facing my always fear of phone calls in hopes of getting my life back on track.

Okay, rant over…


Another application just went out the door. My mood has significantly changed for today. The downpour that is happening outside as I type has not…


Author: Firefly

Someone who has been trying to sort out her emotions for too long who also loves Cape Cod in the summer, Star Wars, randomness, Mother Mary, Atton Rand, international foods, London...........

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