Woah…where do I even begin……how about this…..

Hi! FiREFLY here! I have some aliases that use as well (such as That Random Stranger and Blubarry) and I’m just someone who is out and about in the real world. I thought I had life figured out coming out of college, but two jobs later….I’m right back at square one trying to figure everything out. I’m the type of person who is shy (and introverted) and is desperately trying to make that better so that I can function properly in society. I’ve always been someone who is creative and has multiple creative outlets…I play piano and flute (and some clarinet), I doodle, I draw (just a lil’bit), I paint (just a lil’bit), I write, and I’m trying to get back into ceramics (one day). Some of the many things I love include Cape Cod MA, culture around the world, Star Wars [and the alternate, expanded universe], Atton Rand, music, Korean & Maruchan Ramen noodles, fresh kimchi, cooking, potato chips, guacamole…I mean, this list could very well go on….

Also, I am someone who is has been coming to grips with anxiety. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2016, I just started seeing a therapist a few weeks ago, and I still have no idea on how to manage how socially awkward (and awkward in general) I am.

So, all in all, this blog serves as an outlet for me. It is an outlet for emotions and things I am processing. It is an outlet for new music that I love (and want to share). It is an outlet for my writings and stories that I have come up with. It is an outlet for me. And if you just love delving into the mind and life of someone, then……(I don’t know where I was going with this…..)

But any who, feel free to explore, to read, to offer suggestions/comments/advice, to like my thoughts and feelings, or just to do whatever nice thing you want to do! And….yeah……..WELCOME!


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