Song(s) of the Day 2.1

So first off, I just want to get this out there…for those¬†people that follow my ramblings and randomness posted periodically on this site…thank you! I now have a following of about 25. This makes me extremely happy. ūüėÄ

But more importantly, I had mentioned on a previous post that I would talk about the fact that I’ve been rediscovering music from a long time ago (not in a galaxy far away).

More or less, I recently rediscovered my love for the Backstreet Boys and had a period of time where I listened to their album Millennium. And boy of boy, it was a major episode of #holythrowback.

I also was able to get my hands on a Nelly Furtado album that I had once upon a time (by buying it on Amazon)…and boy of boy, that was also a major episode of #holythrowback.

But getting back the the Backstreet Boys…I learned new facts about them.

  1. They never broke up (unlike NSYNC, One Direction?, etc.)
  2. They going to headline in Las Vegas
  3. They have social media and I’m following their Instagram page
  4. They have awesome new music.

Yes, they have new music that a lot of the world might not have heard yet. It is awesome music and I’ve had it repeating occasionally while driving around. So without further ado…

Backstreet Boys – Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)

Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This



A little pick-me up…

…at least for myself anyways…

After being semi-lucid through 2 power outages in my apartment
after spending almost 30 minutes in the cold scraping just about 3/4 of a good layer of ice off of my running car just to get to the first day of my internship on time
after spending the majority of my day in those “first-day orientation” type of days

I felt like I needed a nice pick-me up just to end my day on a better note than what it was this morning

One of my friends actually told me about this randomly, during some time in some school year….anywho…I kind of wish (and feel bad about) wanting to see this intentionally done in real life…:\

A Celebration of Local(esque) Music

My first First Night event
My first First Night event

This rather unique New Year’s Eve celebration is turning into somewhat of a tradition for me (since this was my (third?) time going)… This is an event in Williamsburg VA called First Night, where folk (& other genres), and a lot local musicians/bands play for the public who pay a certain amount of money for a night filled with music (if that run-on sentence makes any sense……)

Act one of my First Night 2015
Act one of my First Night 2015

Every night is different for every person (depending on what and who they want to see). My night started out with a very local (and new) trio of middle-aged men. They pride themselves in vocal harmony, and are still building up their repertoire of songs, but I saw a bit of their performance for personal reasons…

Act two of my First Night 2015
Act two of my First Night 2015

After them, I scurried all the way across Williamsburg(/William & Mary) to catch a local Celtic band that’s a really popular hit on a night like this. This group (who all also happen to work at Colonial Williamsburg(?))¬†has played at this event for many years, and I’ve always made it a priority to see them.

Act three of my First Night 2015
Act three of my First Night 2015

Then after their performance, I actually stuck around, because my parents saw the next musicians playing and insisted that I see them for myself. Afterwards, I was not disappointed with this Appalachia/Celtic, husband/wife duo that rocked their set with funny stories, great songs and a song about a dog’s bathroom schedule…

Act four of my First Night 2015
Act four of my First Night 2015

And to finish out the night, I took my parents and cohorts to another building to see a local swing orchestra do their thing for a little while. And with this particular group, dancing happens…all the time…as in people just go to the open space in this building and dance away to the jazz that is played…

— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†— —¬†—

First Night 2015
First Night 2015

So, ultimately,this is how I’ve been rocking in the new year [for the past few years]…Here’s to a fantastic 2015!!!


So, a Lady Gaga song and an Ariana Grande song share one (or a few) things in common?

Ariana Grande & The Weekend

I literally just made a quick run to the bank to take care of some rent business, and listened to about half of¬†Ariana’s song “Love Me Harder”. Even though I can’t really stand her or most of her songs, this one seems is about the only one that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s suuuuper catchy, and it seems to be on the simpler side of the EDM-song spectrum. But, as I pulled into the driveway of my house, a thought dawned on me. This sounds kind of similar to Lady Gaga’s song “Do what u want”.

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly

And now that I’m thinking about this thought even more (as I’m typing this blurb), I’m right. The straight beats of the bass drum(?) and cymbal(?) do match up in some places. And also, both songs kind of have that 80’s-ish/-esque feel to them. And lastly, both songs feature a male part as well as a final chorus in which they have to vocally show off (in some way)…

Gosh……I love sudden realizations like this and the ideas that come afterwards…..