You Are a B.A. (part 2)

So, now that I am back to the point of where I was when I first picked this Jen Sincere book from Target (for 20% off) in January, I thought to myself….might as well read it again and give this advice a go….because what more do I have to lose? 

So, I just got to part two of the book, and the first of the chapters is called Love the One You Is. And after going through part one (reason why your life has gotten to this point), I am going head first and putting these 9 practices to use. Because I need it.

  1. Appreciate how special you are
  2. Drown yourself in affirmations (write 4 affirmations down, 5 times, every day)
  3. Do things you love (like blog, write, draw, photography)
  4. Find a replacement (for negative things that you say about yourself)
  5. Ditch the self deprecating humor (not applicable to me)
  6. Let the love in
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others (really gonna try and do this)
  8. Forgive yourself (the most important thing….and I gotta do this)
  9. Love yourself

So…..I’ll pick this back up again sometime down the road and tell everyone reading how this is going.

Until next time,



You are a B.A. (part 1)

Okay, so in an extra effort to (re)evaluate my life and the semi-perminant mess that it is, I’m reading this book titled You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. It’s a book about how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. So, I thought why nit blig about reading this book and blog the exercises so that I can hold something accountable and get an experience through reading this book. 

“Take a minute to look at some of the less-than-impressive areas of your life and think about the underlying beliefs that could have created them…practice stepping aside, notice what’s happening in the dysfunctional areas of your life and stregthen your almighty awareness muscle…”

Losing weight: Well…I’ve always been fat, so what’s the point of losing weight? It’s hard and I don’t want to fight the fight. What’s the point of doing so much hard work only to lose 1 pound? Plus, I like the rewards system

Social: Intimidating people scare the living hell out of me…but…all people scare me at first. I don’t like trusting people because I know they’ll burn me one way or another. And plus, with some past history regarding being social with others…how does one social??? I’m still struggling with how that works in the long run. And lastly, I hate the feelings I get when I ask somebody else for help. I always feel like I’m being greedy/self centered and show so much damn weakness in doing that simple task. I’m too damn scared of being bold for fear of ridicule and bullying (which is something I’ve already been through). 

Doing stuff: If I try something, I’ll always fail. If I do something under my own power, I’m always doing it wrong. Plus, my initiative has never gotten going because I like the feeling of not doing anything productive. It’s a feeling I’ve always had inside of me.