My current project

So…along with all of the other things that have been happening with me, I decided that I would tackle a project that I rarely do. Doing this really helps me focus and provide me with inspiration in completing and achieving something. 

Behold! A 1000 piece Pop Star Wars puzzle!


I seem to relate to a horse…

…well…more like a horse-like character anyways.

There’s a book-series out in the (alternate) Star Wars universe called X-Wing: Wraith Squadron. It’s pretty much about a band of misfits that Wedge Antilles forms into a squadron to do missions first, and flying second. And I every time I get around to reading this, I seem to enjoy reading it more and more.

But, that’s besides the point.

Hohass “Runt” Ekwesh

There’s this character…his name is Hohass Ekwesh, otherwise known to his peers as “Runt”. He is part of the Thakwaash species, and he seems to have “many minds”. For instance, there’s his social mind, his pilot mind, his student/learning mind, etc……just to name a few. While in Wraith Squadron, he eventually learned how to easily switch from one of his minds to the other.

And tonight…for some reason…I can totally relate this to my own life. I don’t really know how (just yet), but maybe I need to start using this concept for myself in much more of a subtle way.

I just need to start asking myself “what would Runt do?” in situations where I need it. But I need to remind myself to do this.

I’ll write more on this as time goes on……

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Yes, I’m in college (and about to go out into the real world) and I’m a big fan of gaming. It allows me to just get away from reality and get into another one (even though in this case, the reality is shallow). My parental’s are, never were, and probably will never be big fans of me doing this, but as long as my mentality lets me, goddamn it, I will game.

So ever since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was available for the I-Pad (and ever since I got an I-Pad Air) I seized this opportunity to play a game that was such a hassle for me to play on a laptop and/or desktop computer. The lag of this game on these devices was just so many levels of unbearable, that I just quit playing part-way through the game. Doing this made me not grasp, realize and appreciate why this game got such high praise and critical acclaim.

But now, I obviously grasped, realized and truly appreciate why this game got such high praise and critical acclaim. The background scenery (first off) is just absolutely stunning.


If I were actually transported to an alternate reality that had full freaking planets that looked like this, I would pretty much be in heaven and euphoria.


Even though this is the “evil” world, looking off into the vast distance like this would just be B.A.


I hate how this stunning view was eventually destroyed by the time KOTOR II came out (and this will be another topic that I will eventually get to)

Rakatan world
Rakatan world

I feel like this is what people kind-of image when they try to conjure up a “deserted island” or think of “an island I would like to just live on……like…forever……”

So, as I play this game to its entirety more and more, I feel like more posts like this will eventually make its way out of my mind.