Some Accomplishments of Late

So….I did about….3 things that I would have never done on my own initiative.

I went out.

I hung out with strangers.

And I had a great time.

I have never been the one that would always go out and hang out with people. I’m just not that type of person. On any given day, I would much rather stay home (in some comfy clothing if at all possible) and just hang out in the house doing stuff. For the longest time, the outside world and strangers have always been a scary thing for me. A place where people are judgmental and mean, and a place where I just felt anxious and like an outsider (if you didn’t know any people). But…..ever since I came across the website it has pushed me to get wayy outside of my comfort zone. It gave me the incentive to go out and meet up with strangers. (and my ‘ah, what the hell!’ spirit actually made me go out to these groups and meet up with strangers).

But looking back on it now…I’m damn proud of myself for doing this. Nobody who is close to met would even think that I would actually do this, but here I am….3 meet-ups later and wanting to do more.



You Are a B.A. (part 2)

So, now that I am back to the point of where I was when I first picked this Jen Sincere book from Target (for 20% off) in January, I thought to myself….might as well read it again and give this advice a go….because what more do I have to lose? 

So, I just got to part two of the book, and the first of the chapters is called Love the One You Is. And after going through part one (reason why your life has gotten to this point), I am going head first and putting these 9 practices to use. Because I need it.

  1. Appreciate how special you are
  2. Drown yourself in affirmations (write 4 affirmations down, 5 times, every day)
  3. Do things you love (like blog, write, draw, photography)
  4. Find a replacement (for negative things that you say about yourself)
  5. Ditch the self deprecating humor (not applicable to me)
  6. Let the love in
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others (really gonna try and do this)
  8. Forgive yourself (the most important thing….and I gotta do this)
  9. Love yourself

So…..I’ll pick this back up again sometime down the road and tell everyone reading how this is going.

Until next time,


Song(s) of the Day (2.3)

So I just added a bunch of songs to my I-Tunes Playlist and two particular song of those just came to mind now.

It seems like spanish/latin-flavored music has been coming onto the US top hits scene more and more. The most recent example of this I can think of is Despactio. But even though this first song has been playing some-what on the radios, I find the beat really catchy and I LOVE this song!

As far as the second song, I haven’t heard it played on radios at all. There was an instance where this song was brought back to my memory, which made me love the song all over again. And I wonder to myself….why didn’t this become as popular as Despacito?!?!

Until next post……Adios!


Random Musings

So, I actually turned in an application at one place, asked about employment at the library, went into another store to check the status of my application and called another place asking about the status of my application.

I should feel good about this, but for some reason, I feel a sense of dread. Like….if I tell my parents about this then they won’t think that all of this is good enough…….

But let me get my mind off of that get to another thing.

Sometime last night (or yesterday…I can’t quite remember), I reached 100 likes on my blog. Even though this may be a microscopic accomplishment, it’s an accomplishment none the less! So I just want to give a big shout out to everyone who took time out of their day to read my random posts. 🙂

Also, I’ve been starting to notice something about myself. For the longest time I’ve been feeling a bit of an out of my body sensation. Like….I’m doing things throughout my day, but I’m not consciously aware of anything that I do. It always feels like yesterdays have never happened, and that my days are basically just a blur. It is also like my brain is in a constant heavy fog, all day, every day. Could this be derealization? Could this be a result of me not having any caffeine what-so-ever? I would love anyones advice and/or opinion about this.

But, as a last thought, I’m really trying to blog as much as I can, because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. It makes me feel like I’ve done something productive. It makes me feel a lot better because this is where I let my emotions out, sharing just a bit of myself in the hope that someone (who is struggling with mental health) may stumble across this blog one day and think to themselves that “I can relate to this” or “There is someone else like me!”.

Anywho….that is all…..until next time.


Shiloh’s Story: Part 1

Well… looks like Fairfax Virginia isn’t all that bad.
I think okay thoughts to myself as I strut around in my favorite high heels on a warm night in August. It’s definitely a uni town. At least there are some bars I can trash…..hopefully. I breath in the smells of good food and good pints that are out there trying to call to me as I hear the clicking of my heels against the sidewalk.
I come across a sign of sorts…..Fat Tuesday’s……hmmm…..I’ll give this a shot. With my hands in the pockets of my slick black bodysuit, I walk in to find a very…American atmosphere. It’s got a shit load of pictures on the wall…a big TV with their so called ‘football’ playing in the background and a big American flag. For some reason, everything that screams American in this place gives me the creeps, but….who am I to judge? I slowly approach the bar, scanning for any pint that looks good when the bartender signals my way asking me “Care for anything?” to which I reply “Get me a pint of…..surprise me.”
The bartender is taken back a bit, but proceeds to pour me a fair looking pint and hands it to me. “Would you like to start a tab?” I reply “No, I’ll pay.” I hand the bartender one of my fresh looking 20 dollar bills out of my sleek wallet and he hands me back my change that looks like it’s been through the wars. I fold every bill up the best I can and put my money back in its place.
I take my freezing pint into my hand and give it a little sip. Hmm….rich…a bit of chocolate…..not bad. I turn around to see that a band is setting up to play. I proceed to scan my surroundings, hoping to see any smoking hot bitches around, but to my disappointment, I only see some old looking shags and stuck up little boys around me with their Bud Light American beers and stupid socks that only go part way up the calf. I can’t help but shiver at the thought of seeing that. They’re all so stuck up and stupid. Oh well…..guess it’s time for Shiloh to break through and fuck shit up.